ABOUT RTcurated

RTcurated is a platform created to promote visual artists while supporting the work of various nonprofit organizations. RTcurated organizes exhibitions, art shows, and auctions to present works of art and raise funds to donate to significant social causes. Some of the organizations and causes that RTcurated has supported in the past include Fundana and Cadena Foundation.

RTcurated was founded by independent curator, art historian, and cultural event planner, Rina Gitlin. Rina grew up in a family committed to contributing to social causes and helping people in need. She also believes that art can change people’s lives. RTcurated is a platform that allows her to combine her desire to help and her love for art.

Our Services

Curated Exhibitions

Concept development, art/ object selection, and exhibition narrative.


Helping selected artists connect with art lovers and art collectors for placement of their artwork.

with a Cause

Helping non-profit organizations raise funds through art exhibitions, auctions, and cultural events.


Expressing relevant and meaningful stories through the arrangement of art pieces and installations in the physical or digital space.


Colorful Art Exhibit from Latinamerica now in West Palm Beach

June, 2021 – West Palm  Beach, FL

Segment of News at 5 about “Threaded: El Hilo Conductor” at the Box Gallery


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